Riveted Floral with the Sizzix Jewelry Tool

Designing with the Sizzix Jewelry Studio tool has been a lot of fun. There are so many projects to make with this tool. Today I wanted to show you how to cut the floral shape and rivet it together with a filigree piece.

Riveting Flowers with Candie Cooper and Sizzix


Using the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool:

Before getting started let’s cover a few basics of using the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool. If you are using the movers and shapers dies make sure you put the cutting side up. If the cutting side is facedown on the magnetic shuttle you will ruin it.

Riveted Flower Pendant:

Gather all of your materials to get ready to make your pendant.

Riveted Flower Materials

We will be cutting three sizes of the flowers. They will be stacked on each other and then riveted to the filigree piece. Select your color placement before cutting so that you cut the right size of flower on each color.

Put the magnetic side of the die down on the shuttle. Place the ‘good side’ of the leather face down (the back side should be facing you). Lastly in the stack should be your plastic plate.

Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool cutting leather

Start rolling your stack through the machine. If you have a newer machine you might find that there is some resistance as you work the stack through the Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool. Keep rolling it through, you can use your other hand to give the shuttle a small push to help it work through the machine.Sizzix Jewelry Studio Tool

In order to stack the flowers you will need to punch them for the rivet. Select a hole size that will accommodate the rivet size that you have. If the hole is too large the pieces will move around and if it is too small you won’t be able to get the rivet through the leather.

Punching hole in leather

Once your pieces of leather are cut it is time to start assembling your stack. Staring with the filigree piece layer your flowers in order of size and arrange them how you like.Starting rivet

Place the top of the rivet on your stack and hammer it with your chasing happern to set it.Setting rivet

Setting Rivet

To finish off the necklace you will need to add the chain and any charms that you would like. When using jumprings remember to twist them front to back to open. Otherwise you will loose the round shape.Adding charms to necklace

Don’t forget to add your clasp of choice. Attach the pendant to the chain and you have a beautiful finished product using your Sizzix Jewelry Studio Too.



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