Spoonful of Curtain Love….

DSCF6616 (Small)

I love to have my windows open this time of year, listening to the rain and feeling the breeze.  But open windows equals crazy flapping, recently purchased, hemmed myself, scarlet curtains.  The answer my friend is not to let them blow in the wind, but some cheap ol' spoons.  Here's how:

DSCF6609 (Small) 

Beat the round part of the spoon flat with a utility hammer–it's really loud, but empowering.  Then, punch or drill two holes in each flat spot—doesn't matter where, you just need two so they don't spin around while hanging on the wall (Harbor Freight has a great (and really huge), cheap hand punch tool, that works wonderfully fast).  Bend the handle around so the decorative side is facing outward–but not so far around that you can't squeeze the hammer in to nail them to the wall (speaking from experience there).

DSCF6611 (Small)

Decorate with paint, papers, tin, whatever!  I used trusty MOD PODGE and put the flowers directly over the holes–you'll see why in minute.  I also glued a cute little button at the base to cover where my paper started (any chance to use one of the 2.2 million buttons in my stash).  Open up the holes again with an awl while the paper is wet.

DSCF6619 (Small)

Nail to the wall with copper tacks (hardware store).  This is a normal size spoon.

DSCF6615 (Small)

And this small sugar spoon.  Both work.  You could make these for hanging coats, tea-towels, purses, necklaces, jump ropes, dog leashes…I'll stop now. LOL.   This pair took me about 40 minutes to stir up and hang.  Now that's dessert!


  1. Brenda Romine says

    ok…so I am definitely going to have to steal that idea and run with it!! Cute cute cute. If it involves modgepodge…I am on it!!!

  2. Stir up? You crack me up!

  3. What a GREAT idea! I’m making a bunch of them to hang my necklaces on.

  4. Brenda Romine says

    hey craft lady! What a cute idea…..something else to do with an old spoon! I love it!!!

  5. Clever idea!

  6. Three steps forward …. Still, you know what they say about the man who never made a mistake! Keep going – you’ll get there soon – and it’s good to have some news again.

  7. Candie, you are brilliant really.

  8. Glenda Hart says

    OH I so have to make some of those.

  9. This is soooooooo ingenious! I would never of thought!
    Great idea and looks cute!

  10. You are genius to think out such a great idea. I really love your handmade stuff.Thanks for sharing.

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