It has been raining here all day.  We've definitely enjoyed ourselves up here in the nest.  Rocker is curled up in his blanket snoozing the day away.  I made the invitation for my class's big 10 year reunion, watched a movie and now I'm thinking about reading.  Earlier, I looked up grilled sandwiches on All-Recipes and found this idea…


Grilled Apple and Swiss Cheese Sandwich.  Botch started slicing apples and I olive oiled up the bread.  I have to say every time I see Butch slicing apples it brings back memories of baking apple dumplings at Grandma's.  He and my grandpa standing side by side at the kitchen sink peeling and slicing, solving the world's troubles getting, wiser by the slice.  Um, where were we?  Ah, the sandwich.  It was gooooood.  We fixed some soup to go with it.  Definitely hit the spot on this rainy Saturday.

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