Heartsy Artsy Idea and Ornament Thursday!


Ornament Thursday is back every third Thursday of the month!  Yay!  And this month’s theme is Love Story.   


Love Story.  This March, Butch and I will have been together for 10 years.  What can I say except for the time has flown.  Finishing college, buying a house, selling a house, adopting a dog, changing jobs, moving towns, moving to the opposite side of the world, all the while still decorating the Christmas tree, holding hands on walks, paying the bills, and fixing dinners…together for 10 years.  Making that little list makes me think about all the changes in my life except for one thing.  Butch.  We’ve been side by side climbing the mountain of Life for the last decade.  I think it was my Grandpa (who’s been married since 55′ (i think)) how much he has enjoyed sharing his life with someone all these years.  I’ve kept that little thought in my back pocket and refer to it when I’m feeling that sharing isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding.  It’s true and it’s what makes the love story all the richer.

This project sort of fell together the past couple of weeks.  It all started when I bought some ring forms.  I wanted to collage them with paper and charms and then pour resin in.  But then, I thought about setting them with a clear cabochon.  So yesterday when I was in the craft supply head-quarters of the world/Hong Kong, I found some clear cabs…faceted too!  And they sat a wee bit raised from the base.  Hmm, I thought, seems kind of kaleidescope-y-y.  Luckily, when inspiration strikes, you have a resource.  I ran to the sequin shop and started filling my bags with small shapes. I couldn’t help myself, so on the ferry ride home, I started assembling and I know the man sitting across the way secretly wished he could make one too.  Paper+sequins+cabochon=Super Easy and Fabulous Ring!  I moved my finger every which way, watching the sequins slide and rearrange themselves all the way home.


This is not the one I made on the boat.  This idea didn’t come to me until this morning when I was laying in bed looking at our black and white wedding photo.  The only picture I have here.  I scanned it in, reduced the size, printed and cut the oval shape.  Sprinkle with red hearts and pearls and set the cabochon.  Rocker watched me from the couch zipping around like a mad scientist.  Eureka!  Love Story for your finger!  The downside is these look so much cooler in person.  I’m not so savvy with a camera and I feel sorry for anyone who has to photograph shiny or faceted objects now.  What a challenge!  But, I made another version with just pink paper, hearts and pink cabochon. It really glows in person.


I want to continue experimenting with these.  I have so many ideas!  Also, I will give away one Ring Kit–including ring form, clear cabochon and sequins—you provide the photo or paper. Leave a comment on this post by midnight EST on Sunday the 3rd and I will do a drawing on Monday.  Watch this space for the winner because I’ll need your address! Okie Dokie?

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  1. That ring is sooo cute!! How clever with a picture behind it. You could take your loved one anywhere! I love sparkly things. Hoping to win a kit!

  2. Me! Me! Me!
    I say that partly because I think the rings are lovely, but I haven’t quite got it clear in my head how the sequins have room to move around but they don’t fall out.

  3. This is so original – I love the movement in the piece. I’d make one in a heartbeat if I could find one of those cabs!

  4. This is so original – I love the movement in the piece. I’d make one in a heartbeat if I could find one of those cabs!

  5. This is so original – I love the movement in the piece. I’d make one in a heartbeat if I could find one of those cabs!

  6. Nice! Candy
    John and Rita
    Big Silver

  7. I liked seeing the wedding photos – you look so beautiful. And 10 years – wow! That is wonderful. The rings are really creative and quite pretty. I love seeing all your neat ideas.

  8. I LOVE this! What an awesome idea. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it. It’s a wonderful project for OT.

  9. I love these! Similar to resin, but all of the sparklies move. Great idea!

  10. Candie
    LOVE THESE! You are so clever and crafty!
    Thanks for inviting me originally. I can’t wait to see you at CHA!

  11. This is great – as I watch my hands work throughout the day, I’d get a special reminder of the one I love…..

  12. This is charming and so well done!!! I love it! I makes me happy to look at it!
    just super great! jean

  13. Carrie Brunson says

    Does your sis count as a contestant to win?
    These are great…Kristi would love it!
    See you in 4 days! Care

  14. I LOVE rings…Big rings especially!

  15. WOW, that ring is fabulous!!!! I love it!!

  16. This is so original! HAPPY Almost-ANNIVERSARY!!! šŸ™‚ Hali

  17. What a sweet Love Story! Happy 10 years together! Love the ring! Glad that inspiration struck you!

  18. LINDA WALLACE says

    Love your ring, love to read your Blog

  19. Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous, Candie… we need to get together and teach eachother stuff!

  20. Candie, the story is SO inspiring and wonderful–makes me believe in true love! And the ring is really great–you find the coolest stuff to turn into even cooler stuff!
    Hope to catch up with you at CHA. I’ll be in the Kalmbach booth (4201) Sunday from 10-12 doing demos, so stop by if you’re there.

  21. Look at all of these comments – woo hoo! Love your rings. Perfect, perfect. And happy 10 years together. You guys are so sweet.

  22. I loved your thoughts about you and your hubby and the sweet ring you made too! I bet that man on the ferry wanted one too! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see what other ring designs you come up with!

  23. Congrats on the anniversary!

  24. Such a beautiful ring! I have never seen anything done like putting the little hearts inside. I am so wondering how you did that! You are very talented!

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