Craftin’ Bag Tags with Kiddies…


I’ve mentioned that sometimes I teach crafting classes to the expats here.  One of the programs I started is called Second Saturday.  The idea is that every second Saturday of the month parents and their children can come and create fun projects along side each other.  The projects are designed so that they can be very simple or intricate.  Everyone takes home a finished project.  October’s Second Saturday was collaged luggage tags.  You can never have enough luggage tags living on this side of the world.


We started out by learning what a collage is.  Don’t you love it when kids already know the answer to the question?  I can hear the parents out there saying, "sometimes."  I brought in some collaged artwork, photographs, and paintings so we could play, Guess Which One is a Collage


Fifteen kids and parents came over two sessions and it was a blast.  The paper was flying and stamps were stampin’.


Me with a few of our future hard core crafters.  The finished projects were spectacular.  Kids are creative.  Period.  They don’t worry about anything and it always looks fabulous.  Quite magical to watch the whole process.

Want to make your own? Essentially if you can make an ATC, you can make a bag tag.  OR  Download my 10_steps_to_make_a_bag_tag_collage.doc


Check out Artchix Studio for collage sheet images.  The clear plastic tag is simply a badge tag.  You can find them online or in an office supply store.  Download luggage_tag_cards.doc  and print them onto card stock for your info on the opposite side of the collage—we stamped and decorated these too.

It’s never too soon to start your holiday crafting.  These make great gifts for your favorite traveler.  Enjoy!

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