Cheerful little earfuls…

I found this clipping tucked in a notebook recently so I thought I’d share a little more Then and Now.


Cheerful Little Earfuls-the title gets me every time!  I love vintage jewelry.  Actually, I love jewelry period-new or old.  It’s a treat to find unique pieces of history like this in old magazines and such.  If you read the whole ad, you saw that you can put perfume in these gems.  That reminded me of the time I put scented oils in the center of some felt flower brooches when I first started felting. 


It worked for awhile, but the smell eventually faded so you would have to add more.  Come to think of it, I’ve found and heard from others that the scent of lavender helps to calm and relieve tension.  Hmmm, that’s scent for thought.  I can see it now, Stress-a-little Lessfuls, lavender scented jewelry for those long, tedious work days.  Now that’s savvy!

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